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The Art of Decorating

For the past four months I had the pleasure to intern with an Interior Designer named Fawn Galli. Throughout this internship I had many opportunities to assist in the installation of three beautiful  and extravagant homes. Out of the three this was by far my favorite! One of the home owners is a head huncho in the fashion industry, so it was only fitting that his home reflect the creative, innovative, and oh so eye pleasing lifestyle that he is used to. They chose gorgeous and dramatic chandeliers to drape from the ceilings of every room. Chairs that each had their own personality and story. The chair seen to the bottom left was made entirely of stuffed bunnies. The chair in the top left was made of an animals cloak we were never able to figure out. And the two chairs to the right made your dad's recliner look like a princess potty. Of course I have to mention the Fendi chairs that live at the guest dining table (not pictured). The star of the living room definitely had to be the zebra rug. Now this was something that you definitely need to see in person to fully understand! The rug had been taken directly from a zebra backed and then draped across the floor, with the eye sockets, EYELASHES, and tail still in tact. The star of the show however was the guest powder room. As soon as you enter you're immediately transported back to a time where Marie Antoinette roamed the corridors of Versailles. Everything about this powder room was everything I never knew I needed in my life! It was love at first sight.

Labels or Love?

Which would you choose? Labels or Love? I think there's definitely room in my life for both!
Speaking of room, have you checked out my room tour yet? Click here to get a look inside my fabulous boudoir! 

Updated Room Tour

Good Green

I know, I know. I'm literally coming out of the woodworks with this post. I've had a lot going on and I ran into a creative dead in. But you're not here for excuses, you're here for the ingredients of this esthetically pleasing smoothie. Either way if you're here thank you for coming back and enjoy!

Your Valentine...

This is exactly what I would wear for a romantic Valentine's Day with bae. This look has the perfect amount of sexy, sass, and sophistication, while remaining soft and feminine.

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Valentine's Day at Tiffany's

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.....Violets are Blue

 I've had this Carrie Bradshaw inspired dress for a very very long time. I could never figure out what to do with it until now.I think this look is perfect for  a Valentine's Day date night. This look is flirty while maintaing a sensual edginess.

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Sweet and Chic

I know it's a whole lotta pink, I know. But you can't go wrong with pairing different hues of pink for Valentine's Day. I wanted a cute yet cozy look, so this is right up my alley for a Valentine's Day brunch.

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Look Mom I'm finally fashion weeking! I remember I used to sit in my dorm and nearly be in tears because I wanted to be out doing cool stuff during fashion week. A few night ago I attended an event at Break NYC. There was cool and chic vintage fashion, and ample amounts of cheese and wine. I got to meet some cool people, and oil up my very rusty social skills. All in all it was a good night, and some good fashion. 

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Be Mine

A pretty in pink look perfect for a Valentine's Day date with your boo or Galentine's Day with your girls. 
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Hometown Hautie

The inspiration for this look was completely centered around the jeans. The bold slit really transformed this outfit from an every day casual look, to a chic sophisticated look with a slight hint of sexiness. I paired the jeans with a cream long sleeved high neck shirt, a brown double buckled belt,  my second favorite thrifted jacket, and some cream patent leather boots to complete the look!

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Out of this world intergalactic chic.
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Sheer Baddie

It's okay to embrace the baddie within you. For this look I went with for a gothic school girl look. The plaid skirt is a classic, 
but the ring at the zipper gives it a more modern touch. I paired the skirt with a black long sheer button down top for a dark dramatic touch. I wanted this look to also read as playful and feminine so ruffled off the shoulder sleeves really play up to that aesthetic. I threw on some suede thigh high boots to tie it together and here you have it! The perfect ensemble for a night out with your girls!

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Blue Dream

** I will have a tutorial on this look on my channel soon so be on the lookout!**

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(OLD) Room Tour!

Welcome to my cozy little corner in the concrete jungle. A lot of thought, time, returns, and re purchases went into making this space my little cozy sanctuary. I have always had a special place in my heart and interest in interior design, so piecing this room together was a delight! I have listed where you can find whatever items are still be sold or similar items. If there is something that I forgot to mention feel free to ask. Enjoy!

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