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Hometown Hautie

The inspiration for this look was completely centered around the jeans. The bold slit really transformed this outfit from an every day casual look, to a chic sophisticated look with a slight hint of sexiness. I paired the jeans with a cream long sleeved high neck shirt, a brown double buckled belt,  my second favorite thrifted jacket, and some cream patent leather boots to complete the look!

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Out of this world intergalactic chic.
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Sheer Baddie

It's okay to embrace the baddie within you. For this look I went with for a gothic school girl look. The plaid skirt is a classic, 
but the ring at the zipper gives it a more modern touch. I paired the skirt with a black long sheer button down top for a dark dramatic touch. I wanted this look to also read as playful and feminine so ruffled off the shoulder sleeves really play up to that aesthetic. I threw on some suede thigh high boots to tie it together and here you have it! The perfect ensemble for a night out with your girls!

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Blue Dream

** I will have a tutorial on this look on my channel soon so be on the lookout!**

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(OLD) Room Tour!

Welcome to my cozy little corner in the concrete jungle. A lot of thought, time, returns, and re purchases went into making this space my little cozy sanctuary. I have always had a special place in my heart and interest in interior design, so piecing this room together was a delight! I have listed where you can find whatever items are still be sold or similar items. If there is something that I forgot to mention feel free to ask. Enjoy!

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Who is Dakota Symone?

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