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The Art of Decorating

For the past four months I had the pleasure to intern with an Interior Designer named Fawn Galli. Throughout this internship I had many opportunities to assist in the installation of three beautiful  and extravagant homes. Out of the three this was by far my favorite! One of the home owners is a head huncho in the fashion industry, so it was only fitting that his home reflect the creative, innovative, and oh so eye pleasing lifestyle that he is used to. They chose gorgeous and dramatic chandeliers to drape from the ceilings of every room. Chairs that each had their own personality and story. The chair seen to the bottom left was made entirely of stuffed bunnies. The chair in the top left was made of an animals cloak we were never able to figure out. And the two chairs to the right made your dad's recliner look like a princess potty. Of course I have to mention the Fendi chairs that live at the guest dining table (not pictured). The star of the living room definitely had to be the zebra rug. Now this was something that you definitely need to see in person to fully understand! The rug had been taken directly from a zebra backed and then draped across the floor, with the eye sockets, EYELASHES, and tail still in tact. The star of the show however was the guest powder room. As soon as you enter you're immediately transported back to a time where Marie Antoinette roamed the corridors of Versailles. Everything about this powder room was everything I never knew I needed in my life! It was love at first sight.

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