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I am a woman who wants my own personal platform where other women and men can find all things fashion, beauty, and eventually food. I am a 25 year old fashion design graduate living in New York. I moved to New York about 3 years ago to pursue a career in fashion design. As it goes, fashion design wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. With this new found uncertainty I want to explore the many things I enjoy. I have always been a boojie on the budget kinda girl, and I feel I have many ways to help other people look like Prada on a penny budget. I love for makeup. I'm not proclaiming to be Pat McGrath, but I've come a long way from matching my eyeshadow with any and every shirt I wear. For the past year and a half I have been on a natural hair journey. I am still finding out what does and does not work with my hair, so what better place to document this than a blog right? Last but certainly not least, living in a metro city in the 21st century it's impossible to not be a foodie. While I fell in love with New York, falling in love with food also was inevitable. I want to incorporate, not only the yummy foods I eat, but the yummy food I make myself. I hope that you enjoy my content, and please feel free to suggest anything at all you might be interested in seeing on my blog or in a video. xoxo
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